These are my absolute favorite products to buy online. From amazing essential oils and CBD to a variety of other helpful things, you can use this page to check out some of the lifestyle, health, and wellness-minded vendors and products that I adore!

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Premium CBD

Save 20% off all Joy Organics products!

As a yoga teacher, it feels good to know that clients can confidently use these natural products to complement their wellness routines without harmful additives.

Use code FLOWBODHI for a 20% discount.

Plant-Powered Muscle Care – Vegan and Cruelty-Free! No THC.

As a yoga practitioner and martial artist, I prefer the fast-acting relief of LIFTED CBD Sports Cream Rapid Recovery Formula over other brands for muscle soreness and fatigue.

It’s topical, so it quickly relieves stiffness and discomfort in overworked muscles on the spot!

Vedic Palmist – Tarot Reader – Psychic Medium

Readings by Mystic Karen

Mystic Karen has been a trusted advisor during some of my most challenging times.

Traditionally trained, and experienced with professional readings and mediumship work, Mystic Karen is very insightful. Her online readings are conducted on Zoom and FaceTime by appointment.

Pure Essential Oils For Your Self-care Recipes

A Trusted Source For Purity:

As used in some of the recipes on this blog, doTERRA essential oil products offer natural solutions for you and your loved ones.

This link will take you to my personal shopping site at doTERRA if you’d like to make a purchase or become a member.

Explore Dosha Balancing Recipes

Develop a better relationship with food:
Interested in better nutrition to support and balance your dosha type? Try out simple recipes in the Ayurvedic Nutrition section of our blog!

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